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Italy is the first country in the world famous for the breeding of Helix snails based on biological cycle. Nowadays, Heliciculture is an activity known all over Italy which is able to offer consumers selected, dried and purged helix snails, all year round.

The Italian snails which has been reared by following the system of population of the Heliculture International Institute is of better quality than the snails either imported from foreign countries or found in the woods.

The Italian snails, after beeing purged and submitted to a stalling process loose completely their humidity. Accordingly, the meat presents a higher yield in gastronomy.

Italian snails are synonymous of wholesomeness and hygiene because the system of breeding is based on both the simplicity of the anatomy of this mollusc and on its slow cycle of life. Moreover they have been kept in enclosures continuously controlled and exclusively fed with selected vegetables.

Italian snails are packed by following an accurate calibration, therefore they will be cooked more easily. The meat is tender, fragrant because they grow faster than in captivity.


Heliciculture was founded in 1972 after the legislative decree which prohibited the picking of the snails in the woods. It is an Institution which rears snails by following a particular system of breeding based on their biological cycle. Nowadays, the heliciculture industry is able to offer consumers selected and purged snails in excellent sanitary conditions. Cherasco, a small town located in the Langa, gives hospitality to the most important institutions interested in this fields such as the Heliciculture International Institute and the National Heliciculture Association. Owing to these reasons lots of commercial and productive activities which found fertile ground in Cherasco and made it the capital of snails.

EURO HELIX, a line of business which producers snails meant for gastronomy, as years went by, has become leader in this field either as far as commercialized quantities are concerned and for the variety of his products.

The products Euro – Helix are meant for both large scale retail trade and HO.RE.CA.

The film commercializes and delivers alive snails, frozen snails and reserved snails. Furthermore a line which has nothing to do with food stuff as beeing launched on the market in the last few years. (Kitchen linen, framed printings, etc.)

EURO HELIX is the only italian firm which has owned, since 1997, the European certificate (n° 1789) which allows the firm to slaughter and process the above mentioned mollusc.

QUALITY is the main characteristic of EURO HELIX; the firm is famous all over the world for its top quality products whose main feature is to maintain their freshness as long as possible.

The firm guarantees prompt delivery all year round.



Snails are very rich in proteins (13,4%). They have a low percentage of fats (1,7%) and a variety of mineral sals such as calcium and iron.

The amino acids which form the meat are present on a large scale and are all those we need for a correct diet. Therefore this food can be compared to a dietetic dish, a it is as light and digestible.

In fact dozen snails provide only 80 calories.

Owing to these proprieties snails can be advised in case of some illnesses such as glycemia, choresterolemia and are also administered in slimming diet.

The snails are an extraordinary aliment especially because they have been subjected to a complete biological cycle and their diet has exclusively been based on vegetables.

A very light aliment, easily digestible and ready for any kind of recipe.